GlobalTrak(R) Introduces New Radiation Detector on Wireless Remote Sensor Node

ARLINGTON, Va. , July 28 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- System Planning Corporation of Arlington, Va. , provider of the GlobalTrak(R) tracking and monitoring system, today announced that it now offers uniquely flexible radiation monitoring for intermodal supply chains, a special application for those industries and institutions that regularly handle and ship high-energy radioactive materials.

"National and international authorities are working to strengthen regulations for the transport of radioactive materials used in industry and medicine because such radioisotopes can be stolen for malicious acts such as 'dirty bombs,'" explained Karen Owsowitz , Senior Research Analyst and manager of HazMat sales development. Security concerns are being added to long-standing safety considerations for use, transport, and storage of these high risk materials.

GlobalTrak is a security, asset tracking, and condition monitoring system composed of an asset monitoring unit (AMU) and a network communications portal called the Information Management Bureau (IMB). The AMU is quickly and easily deployed. It is equipped with a sensor suite including GPS for location, as well as anti-tamper, temperature, light, and acoustic sensors. Thresholds for these sensors can be set by the customer, who receives periodic reports and real-time alerts via GSM/SMS cell or Orbcomm satellite on the secure, Web-accessible IMB. Because GlobalTrak relies on publicly available global communications networks, no additional infrastructure is required.

GlobalTrak's Remote Sensor Nodes (RSNs) increase the shipper's ability to monitor cargo condition with a variable set of sensors for door status, humidity, temperature, a 3-axis accelerometer, and now an extremely sensitive gamma detector, a long term stable sensor with built-in temperature compensation and low power consumption.

Richard C. Meyers , CEO of GlobalTrak, described how the sensors on an RSN add important cargo data for GlobalTrak's customers, "Remote Sensor Nodes send reports and real-time alerts to any GlobalTrak AMU over a ZigBee protocol wireless network, allowing the data to be communicated to stakeholders. This is a flexible and convenient way of placing sensors where they need to be within a loaded container, truck trailer, or railcar."

In a radiation monitoring application, the GlobalTrak AMU is mounted on the exterior of the container, truck trailer, or railcar with one or more RSNs equipped with the gamma detector positioned inside the load in best detection positions. The detectors have low and high alarm thresholds to accommodate varying levels of background radiation, such as might be encountered in an ocean transit versus a land route.

The same ZigBee wireless network that allows RSNs to report their status through the AMU can be used to enhance shipment security by monitoring the status of EJ Brooks' electronic strap seals on individual packages within the shipment or bolt seals on the door of a container, truck trailer, or rail car.

About System Planning Corporation

System Planning Corporation was founded in 1970 to provide the government with solutions to complex security problems through the application of systems engineering concepts. For 38 years, SPC has been a research/studies organization focusing on arms control, nuclear weapons, and advanced technologies. SPC designs and builds world class radar physics products, including specialty radar measurement systems. SPC's TriData Division is one of the country's leading public safety research and consulting organizations, providing support to more than 250 state and local governments in their 25-year history.

SPC initiated development of the GlobalTrak(R) system in response to the post-9/11 threat environment. Linda Easley , Senior Vice President for Homeland Security Solutions initiated development and won America's first patent on container security. GlobalTrak since has been aggressively adapted to meet both the safety and value requirements of commercial applications for supply chain visibility. Visit SPC and GlobalTrak at or

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