Researchers: Terrorism Driving Boom in European Airport Security

Go figure...terrorism threats drive airport security equipment market. Frost & Sullivan released this earth-shattering news for the European airport security market this week, noting that "the continued threat of terrorism is set to drive growth across the entire European airport security equipment market." In addition to terrorism driving equipment sales, European Union standards are also having an effect on growth in this market.

Perhaps an even bigger driver is that the research firm noted that there will be some 20 new airports built before 2010, and that 36 airports are going to be upgraded before then.

Frost & Sullivan reported that Hungary, Italy, Denmark, Czech Republic and Poland have all announced increased airport security requirements. The threat against London-based airplanes headed toward the U.S., plus the 9/11 attacks and the bombing attacks in 2005 on London's Underground were all listed as notable factors driving this market. Frost & Sullivan reported that this interest in air security has already "created opportunities for small and medium-sized companies offering niche airport security equipment." In addition, the firm said the growth has attracted a number of venture-capitalist and private-equity deals.