UK university offers degree in biometrics

The UK's first university course based on technology used to combat identity theft and international terrorism was announced yesterday.

The biometric security systems degree is being introduced to meet the growing demand for expertise in the field, according to Aberdeen's Robert Gordon University (RGU).

Biometric technology is increasingly used in security and surveillance systems.

It offers an automated means of recognising an individual, based on characteristics such as fingerprints, speech, face, retina, iris, DNA and forensic analysis.

Dr Ann Reddipogu of RGU's school of engineering said: "Identifying humans using biometrics is particularly attractive to businesses involved in security.

"Whereas physical items such as security cards, keys and passwords can be lost or stolen, the biometric identifier is unique to each individual.

"Students will analyse current problems in security and surveillance systems, and develop and implement novel methods to solve these issues."