VoIP Supply Launches IPCameraSupply.com

VoIP Supply, an Internet retailer of Voice over IP Hardware has launched IPCameraSupply.com. The new web-retail site features IP-based CCTV cameras and recording equipment, ranging from full systems to standalone network video recorders and DVRs.

The new site is VoIP Supply's first endeavor in the video surveillance marketplace.

Benjamin Sayers, VEO of VoIP Supply, said the launch of IPCameraSupply.com was part of his goal of "becoming the leading multi-niche, emerging technologies Internet retailer in North America."

It's not a surprising move, considering how often the IP surveillance movement has been compared to the same technology evolution from legacy phone systems to the now prevalent VoIP technologies that are present in business environments as well as America's homes.

VoIP Supply's Director of New Market Initiatives Corey Andrews said that background in selling VoIP voice technology solutions has made the firm "accustomed to operating within a marketplace that is in a constant state of flux."

The retailer is starting with product lines well known in the professional security marketplace, including technologies from Axis Communications, Bosch, Mobotix, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba and others.