Republican National Committee: Obama The Blur, From The Wall Street Journal

WASHINGTON , July 11 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following Editorial from The Wall Street Journal is being released by the Republican National Committee:

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[O]bama is going to give Bill Clinton a run for his reputation as a political shape-shifter. Witness his performance this week in the Senate on foreign intelligence surveillance. He voted to gut the bill before he voted to pass it. ...

[D]uring the primaries, Mr. Obama had promised to join a filibuster to kill it. But, lo, as the general election beckoned, he saw the light of Presidential power shine upon him and decided not to give John McCain an opening to call him soft on national security.

But this week's Senate debate also featured three amendments that would have weakened or gutted the bipartisan compromise. Mr. Obama voted for all three. The worst, sponsored by Chris Dodd , would have gone so far as to strip immunity for the telecom companies that assisted the government after 9/11. ...

Mr. Obama did vote for final passage, which prevailed 69-28, though no thanks to the Illinois Senator who will benefit most from the legislation if he wins in November. ...

[O]bama has become the candidate who blurs.

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