RNC: This Week in Change V

Obama Continues Breaking Pledges And Shifting Stances In Search Of The Most Politically Expedient Position IMMUNITY FOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANIES INVOLVED IN TERRORIST SURVEILLANCE WASHINGTON , July 11...

Obama: "Now, one of the things I'm proud of at the beginning of this campaign I said, this is a different time. This is an extraordinary time. We've got to run a different kind of campaign. So we're not going to go around doing negative ads. We're going to keep it positive. We're going to talk about the issues."(Sen. Barack Obama , Remarks At A Campaign Event In Wilson, NC , 4/28/08)

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In A Recent Interview With Relevant Magazine, Obama Said That He Did Not Believe "Mental Distress" Should Qualify Under The Health Of The Mother Exception In Late-Term Abortion Bans:

Obama: "I Don't Think That 'Mental Distress' Qualifies As The Health Of The Mother." Obama: "I have repeatedly said that I think it's entirely appropriate for states to restrict or even prohibit late-term abortions as long as there is a strict, well-defined exception for the health of the mother. Now, I don't think that 'mental distress' qualifies as the health of the mother. I think it has to be a serious physical issue that arises in pregnancy, where there are real, significant problems to the mother carrying that child to term." (Sen. Barack Obama Interview, Relevant Magazine, 7/1/08)

-- Obama Appears To Have Backed Away "From His Long-Stated Positions On Abortion." "In a recent interview, Obama appears to back away from his long-stated positions on abortion (and a proposed federal abortion rights law he had co-sponsored), repudiate 35 years of accepted Supreme Court rulings on the issue and embrace a view on abortion restrictions that has been expressed on the Court only by Justices Thomas and Scalia." ( Jan Crawford Greenburg , "Obama: Sounding Like Thomas And Scalia?" ABC News' "Legalities" Blog, blogs.abcnews.com, 7/4/08)

Obama Has Strongly Supported Exceptions For The Health Of The Mother Which Pro-Choice Groups Believe To Include Mental Health:

Obama Said He "Strongly" Disagreed With Last Year's Supreme Court Ruling On Partial-Birth Abortion, Citing Concerns Over The Health Of The Mother. Obama: "I strongly disagree with today's Supreme Court ruling, which dramatically departs from previous precedents safeguarding the health of pregnant women." (Sen. Obama, "Obama Response To Supreme Court Decision," Press Release, 4/18/07)

-- Obama: "We Know That Five Men Don't Know Better Than Women And Their Doctors What's Best For Women's Health." "'We know that five men don't know better than women and their doctors what's best for women's health,' Mr. Obama said, alluding to the 5-to-4 majority in the abortion case, Gonzales v. Carhart, which upheld the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003." ( Mark Sherman , "Justices Uphold Abortion Procedure Ban," The Associated Press, 4/19/07)

"But Abortion Rights Groups Just As Strongly Argue The Mental Health Exception Is Critical To Preserving A Woman's Right To An Abortion--And That The Woman And Her Doctor Must Be Allowed To Make Those Decisions About Her Health Without Government Interference." ( Jan Crawford Greenburg , "Obama: Sounding Like Thomas And Scalia?" ABC News' "Legalities" Blog, blogs.abcnews.com, 7/4/08)

Obama Is The Co-Sponsor Of The Freedom Of Choice Act Which References Supreme Court Cases That Cite A Mental Health Exception To Abortion Bans. "The Freedom of Choice Act specifically allows abortions after viability where necessary to protect a woman's health, and the legislation refers repeatedly to the guarantees of Roe and Doe, which protect the right to an abortion where necessary for a woman's physical and mental health. One of its co-sponsors? Barack Obama ."( Jan Crawford Greenburg , "Obama: Sounding Like Thomas And Scalia?" ABC News' "Legalities" Blog, blogs.abcnews.com, 7/4/08)

"There's No Mistaking That Obama Says He No Longer Will Support What's Long Been A Cornerstone Of The Abortion Rights Debate." "[T]here's no mistaking that Obama says he no longer will support what's long been a cornerstone of the abortion rights debate: The Court's insistence that laws banning abortions after the fetus is viable (now about 22 weeks) contain an exception to allow doctors to perform them if necessary to protect a pregnant woman's mental health." ( Jan Crawford Greenburg , "Obama: Sounding Like Thomas And Scalia?" ABC News' "Legalities" Blog, blogs.abcnews.com, 7/4/08)