Is Already Taken?

Need an anthrax detector in a hurry? Maybe you've checked the web and is out of stock, and eBay doesn't have one either. If that's the case, says Universal Detection Technology, you can turn to their own website.

The company, which manufactures anti-terrorism units and which typically sells directly to governments, says it is adding e-commerce functionality to Admittedly the company is going to sell more than its BSM-2000 Anthrax Detector; also on the list are training materials and education seminars. Even more so, the company reports that it will use to sell third party products.

UDT's vice president of strategic development Nima Montazeri said the e-commerce functionality will help the company expand the customer base beyond simply the high-end detection units that UDT is known for.

"We are planning to take advantage of Internet's reach to market our bio-terror detection units as well as our emergency preparedness and training videos and services," said Montazeri. "We are now offering services over a broader range of security and security training such as seminars and DVDs and we are broadening our marketing to include online purchasers," he added.

But don't expect UDT e-commerce to rattle the likes of e-retailers like Jeff Bezos. This is a market where selling two anthrax detectors in the UK is worthy of a press release.