Appeals Court OKs Lawsuit against Fremont over Verified-Response Meetings

Fremont man says city council violated protocol before implementing burglar alarm policy

While Wolfe has been a vocal critic of the proposed tax, city officials have backed the measure, saying that it would create about $8 million annually to help restore Fremont's lagging police and fire services.

Mayor Bob Wasserman strongly disagreed with Wolfe's assertion.

"Tying Measure L to the alarm policy is ludicrous," he said. "The one thing has nothing to do with the other."

Wolfe said he has spent "tens of thousands of dollars" on the lawsuit, although he declined to give an exact figure. When reached by phone Wednesday afternoon, Fremont officials said they were uncertain how much the city has spent thus far on the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Wolfe said a new trial can be avoided if the city modifies the burglar alarm policy.

"I'm not happy (about the recent ruling)," Wolfe said. "I'm just sad that it has come to this."

Staff writer Ben Aguirre contributed to this report.

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