Sector 10, Inc. Launches Global Communications Network Designed to Help Manage Emergencies Worldwide

SALT LAKE CITY , July 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Sector 10, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: SECT) The Global Communications Network manages the delivery of emergency and commercial messaging to the Stationary Response Units-Media or SRU-M.

The SRU-M, Sector 10's flagship product, is an emergency communications system with on-board life safety resources that are needed in an emergency event. The communications components can be used as commercial delivery vehicles during times of normal, non-emergency operations and create the capability for individually directed, point of sale ad delivery based on a potential customer's input and interaction at a terminal. The result is similar to a web-surfing ad generation system based off of user input, but strategically placed in the natural path of people at large public venues. Whether a SRU-M is found in California or Hong Kong , the Global Network is able to manage and supervise all emergency and commercial functions of the SRU's.

This is a next generation real-time emergency management platform able to direct responders and manage hundreds of responses during any incident or disaster in a post 911 World. Sector 10 is working to redefine the emergency response paradigm from centralized equipment staging to onsite pre-deployed resources.

The SRU-Media, with its 2 network controlled SECURITY AND INFORMATIONAL flat screens sitting atop a compact emergency response unit, is a powerful INFORMATIONAL, ADVERTISEMENT and MOST IMPORTANTLY emergency response tool. Controlling the delivery of messages to the SRU-M, whether it's advertisements or emergency alerts, is left up to the Global Communications Network. Basically, each individual unit, no matter where in the world, is supervised by the network, ensuring that advertisements and emergency responses are run properly.

The Global Network Centers, or "NOC's", are strategically placed throughout the United States . There are a total of six NOC's, which provide global coverage of all SRU-M's. The NOC stations located in Palo Alto, California and Salt Lake City, Utah , cover eastern and central Canada , all of Asia , and South America . The knock stations in Scottsdale, Arizona and Chicago, Illinois cover middle Canada , Mexico , and Central America . The NOC's in Atlanta, Georgia , and New York cover all of Europe , the Middle East , Africa , and western Canada . What truly sets the network apart, though, is the fact that all data from each NOC is continually replicated to all other NOC's and stored. This means that if something happens to the NOC station in California , any of the other five NOC's will have all its information and operations can continue to run as if nothing happened.

Each NOC location has ten terabytes of storage, which allows each station to handle such immense amounts of information from all over the world. To give you an idea of how much ten terabytes of information is, ten terabytes is equal to the entire print collections of the U.S. Library of Congress. With six knocks spread over the country, the Global Communications Network has a staggering total of sixty terabytes of data storage capability.

The Global Communications Network will be fully integrated with the Emergency Alert System (EAS) including emergency alerts issued by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as well as Amber Alerts. The network ensures that all SRU-M's properly receive all emergency response messages, from the local to the international level. This emergency response integration between individual units, the EAS, and DHS, provides top of the line emergency response awareness.

With advertising being a major revenue source for the SRU-Media, it is vital that advertisements are run exactly as planned. Every business that has an SRU-Media needs specific advertisements run at specific times. Advertisers pay good money to have their message broadcasted to consumers in the most effective manner. The Global Network ensures that consumers are viewing the proper advertisements on the proper units at the designated time. All advertisement scheduling and management is controlled by the Global Network, ensuring that advertisements are effectively delivered.

In addition to the messaging oversight, the Global Network can engage in voice communications and video surveillance with each and every individual unit, no matter where in the world. Since each SRU-Media has video recording capabilities, businesses can have their units record day to day activities. This surveillance ability helps provide legal and liability protection to the business. The Global Network is able to store all video footage recorded by each and every unit. This archived footage gives businesses the ability to view recorded footage if necessary.

The Global Communications Network, in addition to its emergency and commercial messaging oversight, is in compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act due to its remote data storage capabilities. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which is legislation that established new or enhanced standards for all U.S. public company boards, management, and public accounting firms, provides Sector 10 Inc. with the financial security necessary to operate as a public company. All financial records and transactions involving the SRU-M's are stored by the network, providing a clear and uninterrupted financial history.

About Sector 10, Inc. provides businesses with cutting edge advertising and emergency response, all managed by its state of the art Global Communications Network. It is this professional oversight and management that allows the Global Communications Network and the SRU-Media to be such an effective emergency response and advertising tool. Businesses don't have to worry about the day-to-day operations of the SRU-Media because they are being controlled by the national network. Businesses across the globe can have a powerful advertising and emergency response tool with the SRU-Media, supervised and managed by the Global Network. The potential is enormous.

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