Revolutionary BrickHouse Child Locator Sells Out in 48 Hours After National Duracell Ad Campaign Airs

NEW YORK , July 9 /PRNewswire/ -- BrickHouse Security, retailer of BrickHouse Child Locator (, announced today that due to overwhelming demand, its premiere child locator product has sold out in 48 hours, following the airing of the Duracell battery national advertising campaign featuring the product. BrickHouse Security will be working to meet consumer demand as it is accepting online orders to ship new product as it becomes available.

"We are enthusiastic that parents around the country are conscious of their children's safety and are adopting the use of BrickHouse Child Locator as a trusted tool in their daily life, and we are currently ramping up availability for this product to meet the extraordinary customer demand," says BrickHouse Security founder Todd Morris . "By working with Duracell to share the message of powering this product with America's most trusted battery, BrickHouse Security is able to reach millions of parents with an important message."

The BrickHouse Child Locator with Distance Alert, powered by Duracell, allows parents of young children under 10, to keep a protective eye on their child at all times. By simply attaching a small Tag to your children's shoes, jacket, or backpack and activating the portable tracking device, Parents can know when a child wanders too far and get pointed in the right direction to find them. The BrickHouse Child Locator is designed to alert you the instant your child leaves the safety zone and the portable tracking device is constructed to beep, vibrate, and visually lead you to the Tag quickly and easily. The Duracell-powered BrickHouse Child Locator is one of the industry's leading products to address the issue of child safety and is only available at

Due to the overwhelming consumer demand, BrickHouse Security has created a special waiting list for purchasing the BrickHouse Child Locator. Consumers that wish to purchase the product will be given first priority as new devices become available and will not be charged prior to the item shipping. To view the Duracell commercial and order the BrickHouse Child Locator please visit

In addition to the BrickHouse Child Locator, BrickHouse Security is widely known as a leading provider of real-time GPS tracking products for older children and personal property, including the P-Trac Micro, the worlds' smallest GPS tracking device.

BrickHouse Security has a history of being one of the most trusted providers of surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment to hundreds of federal and state law enforcement agencies across the country.

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