FCI Acquires Smartag, Expands RFID Offering

At the end of May, RFID company FCI moved deeper into the security tagging market with the acquisition of Smartag, which was sold by Trierenberg Holding and Delfortgroup.

According to a statement from the two companies, Smartag will now be known as FCI Smartag and will be focused on "market niches" such as high-security, an area that Smartag had specialized in.

"Our plan is to bring them full technical and operating support. They have shown significant growth in the past year, and in the coming years we want to boost this growth by leveraging their synergy with FCI," said Jerome Duhirel, corporate vice presiden tand general manager of FCI's Microcnnections division.

One of Smartag's chief applications had been as a provider of RFID technology for smart cards, though the company's RFID technologies had also been applicable for such uses as computer access, retail and warehouse. FCI exists as a broad-market supplier of RFID technologies.