Dye Pack Explodes on Florida Bank Robbers as They Get Away

Nov. 1--MIRAMAR -- Bank robbers abandoned a bag full of cash in the middle of the street after a dye pack exploded Thursday morning, sending police officers scrambling to recover the red-stained cash blowing in the breeze, said authorities.

"We've got a tropical storm warning and all this wind out here and these guys are chasing money up and down the street," said Bill Robertson, a Miramar Police spokesman.

It appears officers recovered most of the money, he said.

Police are looking for the two men who robbed the Bank of America at 7950 Miramar Parkway.

They were described as thin, young and between 5'5" and 5'8." They wore dark shorts and shirts and had some kind of covering over their faces, Robertson said.

It started at 9:50 a.m. when a white Crown Victoria pulled up directly in front of the entrance, officials said.

A security guard approached the vehicle to tell the driver he was illegally parked but stopped when he saw a gun, Robertson said.

Two men climbed out of the car and entered the bank. One stood in the lobby and waved a handgun at the eight customers and 12 employees demanding they do as they were told.

The second man, who was unarmed, jumped over the bank counter and filled a green duffel bag with cash -- which also included the dye pack.

They were fleeing in their vehicle when a dye pack exploded a quarter of a mile away from the bank, Robertson said. A witness driving by saw the robbers throw the bag out of the car onto the 3011 block of Tarpon drive, he said.

The vehicle tags and surveillance video were not available as of early Thursday afternoon.

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