Do-It-Yourself Video Meets the Security Dealer

LukWerks' DIY surveillance system might be helping dealers more than you think

One of those instances was an assault that took place across the street, and Lienhard recounts the ease with which he was able to put together a presentation for the police. In just 45 minutes, he was able to turn five static film shots into .jpg images, save three different movie clips as .wmv files, write up a timeline in a word processing program, burn a disc, and put a label with his company's logo on the disc which he gave to police. "Seriously, in about 45 minutes I gave them quite a package," says Lienhard.

What can be improved

Jennings readily admits that he'd like to see a higher profit margin on the LukWerks equipment he sells. With a LukWerks camera, he buys it for $220 and sells it for $300. He says that he'd like to at least be able to double his money. WiLife says its understands dealers' concerns here and that the company is working to launch a professional-grade version of LukWerks specifically for dealers this fall.

Lienhard also notes that a LukWerks camera pointed outside, through a window, sometimes will pick up the window's reflection. But again, this is a problem that WiLife says it is trying to remedy by coming out with new types of cameras in the near future, including an outdoor camera and an underwater one.

Lienhard also says that most of the service calls he's received for LukWerks have been from customers who are trying to use the system on a computer that doesn't have enough resources. He says users will need to make sure they use a "fairly up-to-date" PC and that it is kept clean from malware or spyware which could block some of the ports LukWerks needs to properly operate. (The LukWerks' system requirements can be found at:

From a total security standpoint, Lienhard likens LukWerks to being one tool among many in his security shed.

"One tool in the shed for all of the chores you have to do may not be enough," he explains. "But as one tool with all of the other tools you use, this has proven to be a valuable one."