Riding the Wave of Petrochemical Security

Times are good if you're integrating security systems for the petrochemical industry. That is, at least, the attitude from Infrastruct Security, a Houston, Texas-based integrator.

The company announced today that it has reached the $20 million revenue mark, thanks to a new $3 million second round of financing. With the new money, Infrastruct has acquired Oklahoma City-based Dowley Security, a former competitor in the delivery of integrated security solutions in the petrochemical area.

More signs of a strong growth pattern include plans to open a new office in Baton Rouge, to add to the offices in Houston, Tulsa, Phoenix and the aforementioned Oklahoma City. The locations tends to position Infrastruct well to hit the Louisiana-Texas petrochemical "heartland".

"Our plan has always been to start dominating Houston, then the region and then a niche and to crest over the $20 million mark," said Daniel Weiss, CEO and President of Infrastruct Security, announcing the new funding. "Now we have the size and the niche. We have met two big goals for the company six months earlier than expected."

The company formed in 2006 from General Cabling and Security with Weiss at the helm. Later in 2006, the company bought Monarch Security, as well as three other security firms. It positioned itself for the critical infrastructure market in heavy industrial and petrochemical, providing not only integration services but also remote monitoring, coming in at a time when the petrochem market was facing increased pressure from Congress to tighten security voluntarily or face additional legislative requirements.