EMC Acquires Verid

EMC Corporation announced this week that is has acquired Verid, a Florida firm specializing in information access authentication.

Verid will be incorporated into EMC's RSA division, and adds to their user verification services. The acquisition strengthens EMC/RSA's position in the financial marketplace, where Verid had a stronghold offering knowledge-based authentication. The knowledge-based authentication market distinguishes itself primarily from the token or PIN-based authentication market, and is a growing area for prevention of identity fraud. Verid has also offered customer authentication services for verifying a new user's identity, and additionally has offered services for verifying of age.

"With this acquisition, we are expanding our ability to provide customers with the most robust set of solutions and deployment options available to protect identities and transactions -- both online and via the phone channel," said Christopher Young, vice president of consumer and access solutions at RSA. "Due to our pre-existing partnership with Verid, we have already made great progress in combining knowledge-based authentication capabilities into the RSA Adaptive Authentication solution."

Verid will continue to operate as a separate division within RSA.