ADT Ties in with Apartment Technology Firm

ADT Security Services announced today that it linking service offerings with Multiband Corporation, a provider of technology services to the apartment/multi-dwelling unit housing industry.

The agreement is primarily focused on marketing, and allows Multiband Corporation to market security services provided by ADT to the renters and owners of apartment units. As part of the agreement, Multiband Corporation was OKed for using ADT's name and trademarks in its marketing.

The suite of security services can range from alarm systems to apartment community systems like access control, video surveillance, fire systems and more. Multiband Corporation typically delivers video, voice and data connectivity services to apartments, and the company's CEO, James Mandel said the deal with ADT gives them a competitive advantage as a full-service apartment systems provider.

"Our existing customer base represents the ideal market for ADT’s security solutions," said Mandel, "and this relationship will allow us to offer another value-added service to our customers."

ADT has done other such deals recently, though not specifically in the multi-dwelling unit apartment industry. Earlier this month, ADT Security Services announced a joint agreement with Qwest to link web connectivity to ADT's security offerings.