APTA Launches New Transit Emergency-Assistance Program

When hurricanes or other emergencies strike, the American Public Transportation Association wants its members to be ready to help each other. That's why it has partnered with the Federal Transit Administration to develop an Emergency Response and Preparedness Program. Thisvoluntary industry "Mutual Aid Program Plan" will "assist fellow transit systems and their cities, regions, and states with emergency evacuation and temporary transit operational needs," wrote APTA President Bill Millar in a member letter to drum up support.

Once members sign up, the association plans to compile an inventory of transit resources, including vehicles (by type, fuel, and accessibility--bus, railcar, paratransit, for example), support vehicles (tow and fueling trucks and emergency vehicles), support equipment (generators, etc.), and personnel (transit operators, mechanics, supervisors, and police/security). FTA is making resources available for the program's development and administration. For more details, contact APTA's Greg Hull or Rachelle Jezbera.