DHL Plans Major Facility in Atlanta

The facility will serve as DHL Global Forwarding's southeastern US gateway for international air freight and ocean freight services, as well as the domestic pivot for the company's heavy freight network. The location will house DHL Global Forwarding's Atlanta-based multi-modal transportation, customs house brokerage and distribution operations.

The building will also be equipped with a world-class security infrastructure, and will be certified under the Technology Asset Protection Association (TAPA) guidelines. Also under consideration is a "cold-chain" logistics operation dedicated to serving the supply chain needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

The new facility combines the now-integrated operations of the former DHL Danzas Air & Ocean and Exel Freight Management, each of which previously did business at separate locations in Atlanta. The new location, which will have 190,000 square feet of warehouse space and 30,000 square feet of office space, is 40,000 square feet larger than the two former facilities combined.

"Our relocation was driven both by a need for more space to accommodate increased demand for our services, as well as the desire to have a centralized location in close proximity to the airport and the surrounding interstate highway system," said Rob Betzer, district manager, Atlanta, DHL Global Forwarding. "Prior to the integration, the two facilities had been located 20 minutes apart from each other and it was critical that we consolidate all our Atlanta-area services under one roof to ensure customers benefit by faster response times and to deliver a stronger, more geographically cohesive service."