Barcelona Metro Deploys Video Analytics

It was a week for big mass transportation security installations. On Wednesday, both Honeywell and Vidient announced major projects, with Honeywell landing a security management project at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, and with Vidient landing an intelligent video installation at the Helsinki airport.

The news from the world of transit centers didn't slow down today either, with video analytics company ObjectVideo announcing that it had been selected for deployment at the Barcelona Metro.

The ObjectVideo install is aimed primarily at intrusion detection, using the company's algorithms to identify a person. According to the announcement, the Metro will use the ObjectVideo system to identify intruders in what the Barcelona Metro considers "employee only" areas, such as tunnels, restricted station areas and train parking lots.

Video analytics' accuracy has increased notably in recent years, and according to ObjectVideo, the solution will work at the Barcelona Metro because the company has written algorithms that are not false-tripped by recurring elements, such as arriving trains.

The installation, which began in April, will continue into 2007, and there is possibility for the company to use its system for additional needs at the Metro, including the surveillance of station platforms, abandoned luggage and even "abnormal behavior by passengers." The analytics will first appear in six Barcelona Metro stations, but will expand further.