Live from IFSEC 2007 - Day 2

From wireless mesh to new surveillance camera DSP technology, Security Dealer's Pete Harlick reports on technology

The cues ("waiting lines" to us Yanks) were long as the show floor promptly opened at 10 a.m. for day two of IFSEC. Floor traffic in the aisles and at the exhibitor stands (that's "booths" to us Yanks) was significantly more crowded. One such stand was Indigo Vision, a UK-based firm with U.S. offices in New Jersey. I spent some time catching up with the relatively new chief marketing officer, Joanna Brace, who demonstrated a keen understanding of IT and logical security and is excited to represent one of the industries leading IP video providers.

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Technology was the order of the day and who better to educate those in attendance about wireless mesh networks and their security applications than Umberto Malesci, co-founder and president of Fluidmesh Networks, and Cosimo Malesci, director of Fluidmesh. The company is based in Italy with U.S. offices in Boston, Mass. Cosimo pointed me to their latest product, the 1100 Quadri-Band Point-to-Point Wireless Ethernet Bridge

"This new wireless link creates a fully IP-compatible connection that guarantees the highest performance in terms of security, throughput and reliability," said Cosimo Malesci. "With a 1-1/2 mile line-of-site range, the design of this product makes installation clean and easy. In one integrated package, you have the antenna and electronics in the same box. Should you later decide to expand to a full mesh network be confident knowing that the 1100 will integrate and compatible to the 2200."

More new products were being showcased at the RISCO Group stand. Headquartered in Israel with U.S. offices in Florida, RISCO is made up of three divisions: Integration, Intrusion and Access Control. Sitting down with Ms. Shai Sarig, their V.P. of marketing, and Shlomit Hershko, RISCO's marketing communications manager, I learned about their new SynopSYS software solution that enables site management and control via intuitive, drag and drop-based, synoptic maps. Ideal for commercial and public buildings the software is able to control security, access control, video, view of fire and safety systems as well as building control systems such as HVAC and elevators. Other new solutions included those in the higher end access control segment that have recently been acquired from Keyware.

Also from RISCO, and brand new in the wireless security segment, is the "Agility" solution. Agility is a flexible wireless solution with 2-way wireless keypad and remote control. Also in the wireless arena is the new Wireless WatchOUT outdoor detector. In the intrusion segment new launched included that of an advanced GSM /GPRS module. WatchIN, Industrial Grade 3 Detectors, iWISE QUADSEQ Grade 3 detector for sequential confirmation.

With a show floor as large as IFSEC, it can be good to slow down and catch a break in the press office. With a little help from my friends at CMP we tracked down Robert (Bob) Beliles, senior manager of physical security/CMO market management for Cisco. On the heels of their most recent acquisition of Broadware Technologies (see story and interview on SIW), Robert crossed the pond himself to spread the word that Cisco will be in the European market very soon. He says not to expect them in every European country right off the bat, but that Cisco will be in the United Kingdom at some point in the near future.

"Cisco is a global company, the need for video surveillance and physical security is not just another North American need," said Beliles. "London for example has over 4 million video cameras."

With a natural evolution of physical security product technology moving towards IP, it's equally natural that Cisco, whose strength competency has been in network systems and infrastructure, would be expanding with these new technologies. Likewise, Beliles message to dealers and systems integrators both seasoned and new to the industry is "Embrace the technology."

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