VASCO Acquires Logico in Merger of Authentication Companies

Two companies in the smart card and authentication markets are now one.

VASCO Data Security International, a company's whose authentication products are typically found being used at financial services companies, announced today that it had purchased Logico Smart Card Solutions.

Logico, a company from Vienna, Austria, had made its mark with smart card-related password security technologies and with PKIs, essentially the data that secures a smart card.

It was an area that VASCO was also marketing to, and the acquisition now gives VASCO a larger handle on that market, and brings the company a number of Logico's developers, whose expertise is expected to be applied to the VASCO authentication technology.

VASCO's product set is the Digipass product suite of hardware and software security products; the company estimates that some 25 million have been sold and delivered around the world. The company's Digipass 800 secure smart card reader represents the kind of technology push that VASCO has been making recently as it offers more options for authentication services.

According to Ken Hunt, VASCO's Founder, Chairman and CEO, the acquisition also helps place VASCO's technology in German-speaking countries, an area which he said they needed to grow.