Nortel's New Unit to Focus on Higher Bandwidth for IP Networks

It isn't specifically IP security video growth, but a wide area of growth in video being served over Ethernet that's pushing Nortel. The company announced today that the business would begin focusing on delivering super-fast Ethernet networks in metro areas to accompany the demand for video-hungry applications.

The company's new unit, Metro Ethernet Networks, will be headed up by Philippe Morin as president and will target the growth in IP-based consumer television, as well as IMS (instant messaging) applications that are gravitating toward higher-bandwidth applications.

The push toward higher bandwidth and faster networks should also see impacts on physical security, as delivery of IP video clips to investigators and responders emails and monitoring stations becomes more and more common.

According to Morin, Nortel's Metro Ethernet Networks will also focus on "wireless capabilities", with such applications as shipping high-bandwidth video to mobile devices -- yet again, a solution that has direct benefits in our industry and which can enable real-time response where the guard staff or investigating officers get real-time video direct from a facility's IP surveillance system.