Biometrics Firm Identica Launches European Operations

Identica Holdings Corporation, a developer of biometric solutions for identification and security, has established operations in London for its European offerings. The European operations for Identica will be managed by Dr. Royston Flude, a noted physicist and engineer in the area of nanotechnology.

The company's main offering is biometric vein recognition, also known as vascular biometrics or vascular recognition technology. This type of technology looks at the pattern of veins in a hand or finger, and can be used to identify a person in a way very similar to fingerprints. Identica's vascular technology looks at the back of the hand using the company's vascular reader, and the company also offers an enclosure for the reader to ensure accuracy of the scans.

Terry Wheeler, the company's chief operating officer and president of Identica Holdings Corporation credited potential market growth in biometrics for the company's opening of the London office.

"The biometrics industry is growing tremendously and our expansion into Europe is a result of the rapid acceptance of vascular recognition technology," said Wheeler in an annoucement issued to the media.

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