GE Security Named Homeland Security Company of the Year

Frost & Sullivan recognized GE Security as its 2006 Homeland Security Company of the Year Award recipient. This Award is presented in recognition of the company’s exceptional commitment, innovation and leadership in the area of homeland security.

Through its actions, GE has demonstrated it is not content with simply contributing individual products to this critical global market, but instead strives to become ‘the’ homeland security company with integrated technologies and solutions to better protect people from threats not yet envisioned or realized. GE’s work to develop new approaches to homeland security is based on its belief that individual equipment, integrated as an afterthought, is costlier and less effective than a single, integrated solution.

“GE employs some of the brightest and most creative minds in the world whose work, in turn, helps preserve the security of the United States and the many other ‘homelands’ of this global company,” said Frost & Sullivan research analyst Matthew Farr. “Through acquisition, innovation, and partnerships, GE Security truly embodies the idea of ‘imagination at work’ in homeland security.”

Frost & Sullivan presents its Company of the Year Award to a company that has excelled in all operations within its industry. This company is perceived to exhibit outstanding management, consistent growth, and positive social and economic impact on local and national communities and customers.