After Warehouse Fire, Alarm Monitoring Company Sued

Araam Inc. is suing Aman Building Corporation, Langford Electric Ltd., the Cohos Evamy Partnership, Philips Lighting, Bolt Security Systems Inc. and Voxcom Incorporated in an April 24, 2007 statement of claim.

Araam alleges a metal halide bulb failed, exploded and spewed hot particles which ignited a May 23, 2005 fire at its Edmonton mattress and box spring facility.

Philips knew or ought to have known that the halide lamps were prone to rupture and could create a fire hazard, Araam alleges. It also alleges Philips was negligent and in breach of duty. Araam alleges it was expressly and implicitly warranted that the lamps were fit for the purpose intended, and also alleges Aman Building, Langford and Cohos Evamy breached contract and duty.

Further, Araam alleges that neither Bolt nor Voxcom relayed the alarm system permit number to police, and accordingly the fire department and police refused to respond to the alarm system signal. Araam alleges the fire department responded an hour after the alarm when city workers in the area saw smoke coming from the building.

Araam claims $2.71 million in damages.