Developer Building $6M Office Complex in Spokane, Wash.

Local developer Dick Vandervert is building a $6 million office complex that will boast views of a man-made lake and become home to his construction company.

Preliminary work has begun on the three-story Wandermere Professional Building, which is being built on the northeast corner of Addison Street and Farwell Road. It will have 44,500 square feet of space and house about a dozen businesses, including medical and dental professionals, said Dave Lindquist, principal of Spokane-based Lindquist Architects.

In addition to views of the nearby lake, which has several large waterfalls, Lindquist said, the complex will have a spacious lobby with slate and timber finishes, a grand stairway and an indoor water feature.

The exterior will have a stone and stucco-like finish and is somewhat of an eclectic craftsman design, Lindquist said, adding that the style will complement the other commercial buildings in the Wandermere area.

The complex should be complete by April, said Jason Strain, development coordinator for Vandervert Construction Inc.

Strain said the construction firm will move its headquarters into about 10,000 square feet in the new professional building.