Illinois Township Seeking Pricing for School Camera System

Warren Township High School continues to show interest in upgrading its security cameras.

Bill Chapin, director of education technology at Gurnee-based Warren High School District 121, said this week he already has gathered some vendor quotes and examined cameras at other local high schools to assist in the decision-making process.

It might cost at least $300,000 to improve the security camera system at District 121's Almond Road campus for upperclassmen and O'Plaine Road building for freshmen and sophomores, officials said.

New digital quality cameras likely would be pursued by Warren. Officials said more areas in the school buildings would be covered if the camera upgrade is pursued.

Chapin told board members at a meeting this week that District 121 could reduce its exposure to potential lawsuits with the improved security.

Warren board members gave their approval Tuesday to a consulting proposal for video surveillance and a wide-area network.

District 121 officials have examined security cameras at Grayslake and Lake Forest high schools along with a system at the Gurnee Park District.