Brink's recognized for First Line of Defense

The story of Julie Bender's break-in is terrifying.

The woman was at her home sleeping when she was awakened in the middle of the night to the sound of a break-in. She hit the panic alarm on her Brink's monitored alarm system and then locked herself in her bathroom.

Meanwhile, an ex-boyfriend was kicking in and using a heavy handheld tool to break through the front door. He penetrated the house and even with the locked bathroom door, was able to break that in and take Bender hostage. Although he told her he didn't plan to hurt her, the violent manner through which he entered the home made her believe otherwise.

When the alarm company called to verify the alarm, Bender's ex-boyfriend told her to tell the operator that everything was OK, but through a series of yes-and-no questions, they were able to ascertain that there was a situation.

With Bender still held hostage in her own home, the police arrived and surrounded the home. Now that the police had responded to the emergency panic alert, the ex-boyfriend eventually released Bender, his hostage, and subsequently took his own life.

"They saved my life," Bender told a lunchtime audience at the ESX tradeshow in Nashville, Tenn. "The operator, Diana, is my new best friend. If it had not been for the panic button, I wouldn't be standing here today."

"I want you to know that what you do for a living saves live," concluded Bender

For the protection of Julie Bender's life, Brink's Home Security was recognized with the 2008 NBFAA First Line of Defense Award. The recognition was presented on Wednesday, June 25, 2008, during the Industry Ice-Breaker Luncheon at the ESX tradeshow.