TSA Announces Open Competition for Integrated TWIC Solution

WASHINGTON, May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Pursuant to Secretary Chertoff's accelerated port security initiatives, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is following up on its announcement yesterday of the proposed rulemaking for the Transportation Worker Identity Card (TWIC) with a revised procurement process intended to provide the most effective integrated security process for our nation's seaports.

TSA will conduct a full and open competition for one integrated solution for all aspects of the TWIC implementation. TSA intends to issue a new solicitation in the coming days for TWIC enrollment services and the operations of the data management system, including system maintenance. This will streamline the contracting and implementation process by identifying one party as the lead in making sure that all the pieces fit together into an effective, integrated security process.

TSA has assessed different business models for TWIC implementation, and based on a full review of total system timeframe, risk and cost, has decided to go forward with a single integrator model.

"We have looked at the entire picture and the quickest and best implementation of TWIC will be achieved through one integrated enrollment and data integration process," said Assistant Secretary Kip Hawley of TSA. "Working with the Coast Guard and our industry partners, TSA expects that the TWIC process will be underway this year."

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