Safety Vision to Provide Surveillance for Massachusetts Bay Buses

Mobile digital video solutions provider Safety Vision, of Houston, Texas, has earned a contract to deliver surveillance cameras for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's buses. The MBTA is the fifth largest transit system in the U.S., with 1.3 million riders per day.

The contract, which is valued at $1.4 million, will add eight cameras and a mobile DVR to each of the transit agency's 155 new buses. The cameras will be mobile-rated and will be connected to Safety Vision's own RoadRecorder 6000 PRO MDVR.

Previously, Safety Vision had conducted a 10-bus pilot program with the MBTA last year. The pilot project had used 5 cameras per bus, but further review by the transit police indicated the need for additional angles of view and coverage.

The company's new 6000-series DVRs offer additional storage compared to previous versions, and add mobile-necessitated wireless connectivity, which could be used for video downloads while at bus depots. The system can record up to 10 cameras per DVR; video is stored in an encrypted MPEG-4 format.