Recall Affects Dodge Vans

Alarm installers using Dodge minivans may want to check to see if their vehicles are under recall. The vehicles under consideration include Dodge Caravans and Chrysler Town and Country minivans from year 2005. The Dodge Caravan has been available in a "cargo" format with a rubber-covered floor, upholstery removed and only the front seats. The stripped-down format is sometimes used security and low-voltage contractors who favor the more nimble, fuel-efficient model over a full-size vehicle.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated that the vehicles in question are only being sought in areas where road salt is commonly used for de-icing. The salt apparently affects a bushing used with air bag sensors at the front of the vehicle. The problem reportedly only illuminates the air bag warning light.

According to news agency Reuters, the recall affects almost 271,000 minivans, though most of those are passenger vehicles, not the less common cargo versions.