3VR and Infrastruct Connect for PetroChem, Banking, Retail

3VR Security, a developer of surveillance search tools and technology, and Infrastruct, a security integration and monitoring services provider, announced that they are partnering to reach businesses. The two companies announced a partnership for marketing and reselling to reach clients in the petrochemical banking and retail industries.

According to a statement from the two companies, Infrastruct will be using 3VR's search-enabled DVRs, which look through surveillance video much like Google searches the web, at both their own fully-staffed command centers as well as company's in-house command centers that they help manage.

3VR CEO Stephen Russell called the "3VR's next-generation searchable surveillance systems coupled with [Infrastruct's] state of the art monitoring and response" an end-to-end solution that he hopes will set a standard in the industry.

According to Infrastruct's CEO Dan Weiss, the two companies have a number of joint installations already, but a key point of the partnership will be the use of the 3VR technology in Infrastruct's forthcoming Houston Command Center, which is set to open May 31, 2007.

To promote the new partnership, the two companies are delivering a webinar on May 24, 2007 [registration link].