Indian Airport Security Increased in Response to Hijack Warning

An unnamed security official has said that security has been stepped up at major Indian airports.

Security has reportedly been increased after warnings that a flight to or from Nepal could be hijacked. According to Reuters, an alert was issued by a New Delhi court after a Kashmiri man, convicted for his role in a 2001 attack on the Indian parliament, was sentenced to be hanged on 20 October.

The official also said that specific intelligence has been received that terrorists may plan to hijack an aircraft to or from Kathmandu as a response to the hanging.

More security officials have been sent to at least 13 airports. Security has also been stepped up with more manual searches and quick-reaction teams have posted at airports have been told to be especially alert.

In addition security has also been stepped up at the only international airport in Nepal, located in the capital Kathmandu, the Nepalese authorities said.

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