Despite 'Fairly Mature' CCTV Market in UK, Events Could Mean Increased Business for Security Firms

Research and Markets has announced the addition of Closed Circuit TV Market Report 2005 to their offering.

This Market Report focuses on the UK market for closed-circuit television (CCTV). It is estimated that, in 2004, the total UK CCTV market was worth GBP 525m at end-user prices, a rise of 2.9% on 2003. This figure includes the cost, supply, design, installation and maintenance of equipment and systems, but excludes the cost of monitoring. Value growth in the market appears to have temporarily slowed in 2005, with the reduction in business confidence and the slowing of economic growth. We forecast that, in 2005, the market will increase by 1% to GBP 530m at end-user prices.

Security and safety applications account for the majority of the market, but it also includes other applications, such as traffic control and the monitoring of industrial plant. Security applications include surveillance systems, point-of-sale (PoS) monitoring systems, alarm verification, biometric identification for access control and automated number-plate recognition. Video surveillance is a large part of the market and receives the most press attention.

The UK CCTV market is fairly mature compared to that of other countries, but many of the large installed systems are 10 years old or more and in dire need of updating. Upgrading and improving existing systems, as well as the need for anti-terrorist measures, represent the two main drivers of the market in 2005 and in the following few years.

Several events in 2005 have impacted on the UK CCTV industry. Winning the contract to host the Olympic Games in 2012 will mean large security contracts in London. In addition, the terrorist attacks on the London Underground in July are giving rise to a further tightening of security, particularly in the capital, and there will be an increased use of video surveillance. The Home Office published a long-awaited research report into the effectiveness of CCTV surveillance, which was disappointing in its findings. However, experts are not discouraged and point to the need for the better commissioning, design and operation of surveillance systems. Licensing of contract monitoring staff by the Security Industry Association (SIA) began in June 2005 in preparation for the deadline in March 2006.

The fast pace of technological improvements to equipment has continued in 2005, and UK manufacturers and suppliers have remained towards the forefront with many innovations. The market has continued to move in favour of digital technology and there is strong growth in the use of networked CCTV, particularly over Internet protocol (IP) networks.

It is forecast that, between 2006 and 2010, the total UK CCTV market will grow by 17% at end-user prices. However, value growth will be limited by falling prices and more economical-to-install systems.