Brinks Guard Killed in Armored Truck Robbery

OAKLAND, Calif. (AFX) - A Brinks armored car guard was fatally shot Friday morning during a kidnapping and robbery, police said.

The man was killed in an industrial area where the truck was robbed of an undisclosed amount of cash, said police spokesman Roland Holmgren.

The victim had been riding in the rear of the armored car. The driver of the vehicle was uninjured, and is working with police to reconstruct what happened.

'He's traumatized, but we're trying to work through it and gather as much information as we can so we put together the pieces of the puzzle,' Holmgren said.

Police said as many as two suspects were involved in the heist.

There have been several other armored car robberies in the San Francisco Bay area in the last few years, including separate incidents in 2002 in which a Brinks guard and a Burlingame bank manager were killed.

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