Copper theft: What security dealers are doing

A week ago, we published a story about the issue of copper thefts and what businesses could do to protect their copper, whether that's the copper located in wiring or in HVAC units.

We asked our readers to tell us about their own solutions to copper theft, and John Elmore Jr., of the security installing firm Security by Elmore Inc., based in Birmingham, Ala., wrote in to tell us about what they've done.

John writes:

"We are mainly protecting HVAC outside units. These are on roofs, behind fences on the ground and vacant buildings. The majority are on the ground without a fence.

"We use a GE Magnapull SR-2105AG and put it inside the unit attached to the fan housing or outside attached to the main housing and fan housing.

"We also use a 7lb low Freon sensor switch if a HVAC tech can install and run brown wire to simulate thermostat wire back to the panel.

"Mainly what we see are units outside churches and small commercial offices. The burglars are removing the top fan housing and cutting the copper tubing to the condenser and removing the whole condenser without the compressor.

"In large commercial vacant buildings we use standard installation of panel, door contacts and motions. For monitoring we use the GS-3650 DSC for full contact ID. We are usually protecting interior copper cables. For AC roof units we use the aforementioned freon sensor."

Write in to tell us about your own solutions and we'll add you to this article, or join our forums and post tips in our Tech Corner security discussions area.