ADI Nominated for Retailer of the Year Award

Scala, a major player in the digital signage world, has nominated ADI for the 2006 Digital Retail Expo Award because of the company's unique implementation of digital signage in the distribution world.

"The honor," says ADI's Corporate National Merchandiser Herb Albinus," is that Scala is recognizing ADI as revolutionizing distribution centers on how they are run.  It’s not about retail vs. wholesale, rather digital signage implementation. 

ADI recently revamped the look of its store to match a more consumer-style look, moving away from the "warehouse" look of security and fire products distribution at its retail centers. New lighting for the facilities, products in clearly marked boxes (rather than the old style of just a brown box with a part number), order placement kiosks and even 24-hour-pick-up at some facilites.