A Perimeter Breach at Andrews Air Force Base: It's Just a Cat

Authorities were scouring a military base outside Washington, D.C., on Thursday, following reports that a wildcat was on the loose.

Two residents on the base reported seeing the animal in the morning, said Capt. Herb McConnell, a spokesman for Andrews Air Force Base.

One resident described seeing a brown, spotted animal while another person said the cat was black, McConnell said. It was not clear if they saw the same animal.

The wildcat was seen roaming around a commissary and housing area on the base, officials said. Local police and animal control officers were assisting in the search.

"We're looking for tracks, we're looking from the air," said Donna Wilson, with the Prince George's County Department of Environmental Resources.

Wilson said authorities had not seen any sign of the animal, but were taking precautions.

Parents at three schools in the area were asked to pick up students who normally walk home, Wilson said. Those who travel by bus were dismissed early.

If the animal was found, Wilson said, it likely would be shot with a tranquilizer.

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