Researcher says video storage market going more complex

Mark Kirstein of research firm MultiMedia Intelligence released a report this morning which says that the DVR/NVR market is growing more and more complex. The research cited additional segmentation in product categories for the digital surveillance storage market, and is part of the MultiMedia Intelligence report "Internet Protocol (IP)/Networked Video Surveillance Market: Equipment, Technology & Semiconductors."

The report identified the following segments within the DVR-format video surveillance storage market: embedded DVRs, PC-based DVRs, Hybrid network video recorders (NVR/DVR), embedded NVR and NVR with network-based storage.

The report found that the embedded DVRs continue to dominate the market, comprising some 62 percent of the overall digital surveillance storage market in 2007.

However, Kirstein said that he expects the hybrid NVR/DVR market to gain significantly more presence as the IP-based camera systems mix with their analog predecessors in real-world installations. The hybrid NVR/DVRs essentially merge the two device, allowing for both IP camera inputs and traditional DVR/coaxial video inputs.

The research also found that the DVR market is moving past MJPEG, and into what it calls "higher compression video codecs" like MPEG-4 and H.264; MultiMedia Intelligence also reported a proliferation of dual-codec video storage systems.

The report also found that the average number of channels has been increasing, moving from 4- to 8-channel DVRs to 8- to 6-channel DVRs. As channels have expanded, the firm also found that DVRs/NVRs will soon become the largest user of semi-conductors in the surveillance manufacturing space. Cameras currently are the largest semiconductor segment but the multimedia intelligence report indicates that by 2012, DVRs and NVRs will become the largest use area for semiconductors.