Sonitrol Makes Its 157,000th Apprehension

Security monitoring provider Sonitrol, which combines audio and video data with traditional intrusion systems, announced this week that it has hit a milestone in its business. The company has been counting "apprehensions" aided by its security monitoring systems since 1977 and recently counted its 157,000th apprehension.

The incident occurred at Driver's Den, a car stereo and electronics retailer in Albuquerque, N.M. Using Sonitrol's audio-listening capabilities, Sonitrol monitoring staff heard noises at the facility's back door, and called police for a dispatch. The police arrived at the Driver's Den location, and the alleged perpetrators tried to run. According to Sonitrol, four suspects were arrested by police, with one hiding in the ceiling, one fleeing to a nearby restaurant, and two others in the vicinity.

Sonitrol has posted news footage from the incident (as provided by local news broadcaster KRQE News 13) on its website at Sonitrol originally developed its audio surveillance technology for security systems after initially using highly-sensitive audio recording tools to help pinpoint another kind of building intruder -- termites. The company made the switch into the security industry in the 1960s.