and SunRocket Announce Marketing Alliance

Alarm monitoring technology company and VoIP company SunRocket are teaming up. The agreement, which was announced Wednesday, gives SunRocket customers reduced pricing on systems.

The systems uses wireless, Web-enabled monitoring and notification, and unlike traditional alarm systems, it doesn't require a phone line or an Internet connection because of its wireless nature.

Traditionally, many alarm dealers have looked warily upon VoIP providers, due to incompatibility issues with alarm communicators that depended on phone lines and the problem that VoIP couldn't guarantee proper alarm signal transmission and could experience significant downtime.

The system has generated a bit of buzz in recent years, largely for its hands-on ability that gives users the power to control the system from cell phones and the web, and by the fact that it uses a wireless connection, rather than depending on the steadily disappearing phone line.

The SunRocket/ deal is online at