Raytheon, New York Officials Plan New Level of System Integration

Perimeter intrusion system detection system at four NY-area airports links total system data

Over at command and control, which PANYNJ says will be at a police facility separate from any of the four airports, Dinka explains that operators will be alarmed when a possible intrusion is detected and will then see different types of data coming in on two screens. On the left screen, there will be tabular data on the intruder's whereabouts and characteristics; while the right-hand screen will display video. The system also will alarm according to pre-defined operator rules and priorities, and will differentiate as to the type of alarm, such as from perimeter intrusions, worker access control alerts, loss of communications, low power, and system tampering.

Raytheon already has site surveys underway at all four airports, Dinka tells Air Safety Week. Construction will begin this summer, and individual airports will come on line in phases. By early 2008, there should be a fully operational, four-airport system.

Raytheon's partners in the PANYNJ project include 4D Security Solutions (advanced sensors, among other things), Intergraph [INGR] (command and control and dispatch systems); Mass Electric Construction Co. (general and electrical contractor); AMSEC (communications and electrical system design); and Goshow Architects (command and control room design). (

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