And Now Cisco's Camera

Cisco unveils its vision for physical security and surveillance at ISC West 2007

Finally, the Cisco 3200 series wireless router doesn't have the sexiness of a new entrance to the IP camera market or a platform that can solve the first responders' challenge of interoperable communication, but this router has quietly become the workhorse mobile video surveillance solutions. Integrators such as IBM have used this wireless router in transportation projects, city networks and other such applications where the traditional router-in-an-electrical-closet model wasn't a possibility.

What you should know:

While not all of the technologies mentioned here are available today (some will be arriving in late summer), Cisco is clearly showing that it wants to provide a depth of solutions to the industry. Cisco admits that it is already busy working on more and more surveillance cameras, analytics options and tools to help better manage video on the business network.