Networking Security at a Multiple Building Campus

Animal health charity links access control and video for easier security implementation

He also wanted to link the access control system with the CCTV cameras installed throughout the site. Previously, in some cases, relays had been used to trigger a camera to take a snapshot of anyone entering a particular area. However, this has now been superseded by integrating the Version 4 software with Milestone's IP camera software, sothat camera images can be associated with events in the Net2 software. The software records continuously to a central PC, generally at a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. In the event of the server falling down, the storing of access control information at a local level allowsthe system to operate unaffected.

At the Visitors' Centre, the door is unlocked during normal working hours. An infrared beam is directed across the opening, which triggers a fixed Axis IP camera every time someone enters or leaves. Threemore IP cameras are deployed in the Hall to view the exterior entrances. When a Net2 token is presented to enter the building, the event is recorded by the Milestone software. An icon highlighting the eventwill show up on the Net2 events screen, which when double-clicked, will bring up the associated image.

"The Milestone software works well," said Leigh, "It is great having the camera images associated with Net2 events available instantly from the Net2 software. Searching the Milestone software for images not associated with Net2 events is also incredibly easy. I can easily look for and find images from a particular day, time and place."

As the Milestone software is run on a separate server to the Net2 system, there is plenty of server space to store all of the images. The intention is that as the access control system is expanded to all of the other buildings, more IP cameras will be installed, all linked to both sets of software.

Site graphics is another new feature which Leigh believes will really benefit security operations at the trust. Leigh has imported drawings of the site into the Net2 software and added existing doors and cameras on the plan. "Once all of the buildings and doors have been added to the Net2 system, site graphics will be used by the security guards we have on site." The plan is that as soon as a door control module receives an open signal from a sensor, it will flash up on screen on the site graphics.

The access control solution has certainly made Leigh's life easier, as he explained: "It runs over our networks, avoiding expensive cabling. The easy expandability combined with the flexibility of software is great. Our security, which is already good, will be further enhanced, giving us greater control and traceability."