National Biometric Security Project Teams with Carnegie Mellon

The National Biometric Security Project, a laboratory for the testing and research of biometric technologies, will have the help of Carnegie Mellon University on its side.

The two organizations will be jointly working on the development of new biometric technologies that could be used to fight terrorism and criminal behaviors, as well as jointly issuing reports and presenting at industry symposiums.

The program will work jointly with Carnegie Mellon's CyLab, which has been in existence since 2005, and Carnegie Mellon's Biometrics, Security, Research, Engineering and Training lab (BIOSECRET).

Carnegie Mellon's researchers have worked on a number of facial recognition and iris recognition and matching technologies, but the researchers have also tackled such project as cancelable biometric encryption. The biometric encryption concept is to use a biometric to encode/decode other private information.

NBSP Senior Vice President Michael Yura credited "Carnegie Mellon's reputation for excellence in engineering technology" for the university's selection to collaborate with the NBSP.

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