Brijot Renames Itself The Relivio Group Corporation

Brijot Inc., the company credited for founding the stand-alone business Brijot Imaging Systems, has decided to change its name. The company announced this week that it will go by the name of The Relivio Group Corporation.

The company still holds approximately one-third ownership in Brijot Imaging Systems and is Brijot Imaging Systems' second largest shareholder. Brijot is best known for its passive millimeter wave detection systems that can see through clothing to detect concealed objects. Brijot Imaging Systems' technology has been tested primarily for airport security, and new developments have allowed the technology to be deployed without the privacy concerns that the detail of imaging originally provided.

Brijot Imaging Systems' president/CEO Brian Andrew returned in late 2006 to his position of CEO at Relivio, though he remains a board member of the detection systems company.

Principals of Relivio have said they will be in attendance at the ISC West tradeshow next week in Las Vegas, Nevada.