Eyes and Ears Open at ISC West 2006

Both in size and diversity, this week’s ISC Expo is the biggest ever. When you get past the Las Vegas glitz, and if you listen carefully, you hear industry professionals looking for practical answers. Here a short list of some good questions heard -- and overheard -- so far:

  • Where do we find GPS-based options for keeping track of guards in cars?
  • How do we find a dealer program that will help set us apart in the market?
  • What the best for detecting hazardous materials, including chemical or radiation?
  • How about biometric technology for a single door?
  • Who has the answers on Voice over IP and alarm transmission, both in preventing problems and making money?
  • How does remote video monitoring make sense for the retail market?
  • How intelligent is intelligent video, and is it really intelligent enough?
  • Where do we get help on the false alarm problem?
  • What are the options for web-based video and access control management?
  • The need is there for personal emergency response systems, but what about reliability -- and liability?
  • Who’s focused on fiber-optics for video networks that are trouble-free for years and years?

Be sure to stay tuned to SecurityInfoWatch.com and Cygnus Security Group magazines Security Dealer and Security Technology & Design in the days and months to come for answers as our editorial staffs address these pressing questions.