FaceKey and Advanced Technetix to Work Together for Marketing

FaceKey Corporation has inked a deal with Advanced Technetix that will lead to collaboration between the biometrics product company and the digital entertainment technologies company. The two companies have agreed to share initiatives related to sales and marketing as well as technological developments.

FaceKey's president and co-founder Dr. Yevgeny Levitov said the move will not only expand each company's presence, but will "lead to reduced operating costs and increased product sales".

FaceKey's biometric technology has been used for both fingerprint and facial recognition, and has been licensed to various vendors. The company is based in San Antonio, Texas.

Advanced Technetix, from Albuquerque, N.M., is in the process of changing its name to AccessKey IP due to a fight over the corporate name with a company from the UK. The company has been involved in a wide variety of technologies, from an iPod remote control to nanotechnology. The company recently launched a flash-drive sized set-top box controller for home entertainment.