Mayville Products Corporation Acquires EMI Security Products

EMI Security Products, a manufacturer of a variety of enclosures for security components, has been sold to Mayville Products Corporation.

The purchase moves EMI Security Products from one full-service, Wisconsin-based enclosure manufacturing company to another. The company was previously owned by APW Ltd.

In late 2005, APW sold its Mayville manufacturing business to Daniel and Jonathan Eder, two brothers with previous experience in business and in machining. In that sell-off, the Mayville Products Corporation was created, selling products by the name of Stantron, PFT and APW-Mayville. The products from Mayville are primarily focused on enclosure systems for broadcast electronics and networking/telecommunications rack devices.

EMI's products line has been focused specifically to the security industry since 1985. The company builds a complete line of enclosures for cameras, DVR systems, security monitoring stations, and other accessories and enclosures for electronic security technology. The company is perhaps best known for its "Magnum" style outdoor camera enclosures.

According to the companies involved, the transition is expected to be "seamless"; Mayville had already been managing product sales and customer service for EMI's security products line.

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