Parent Co. of Dedicated Micros Acquires Baxall's Camera Business

AD Group, the company which owns Dedicated Micros, has purchased Baxall Limited, makers of the so-called "ICE" line of video surveillance cameras. The acquisition, which was handled by AD Group's administrators at KPMG Corporate Restructuring, takes the intellectual property, current inventory and production equipment of Baxall and brings those assets into Dedicated Micros, so that Dedicated Micros can now produce, deliver and sell the Baxall equipment.

Baxall's product line that is joining Dedicated Micros includes its ICE-Dome camera, which had a specialized 3-axis "GyroView". The company also recently launched the ICE-HyperDone for interior scenes dealing with high-contrast backgrounds and areas of problematic lighting. That Baxall "Hyper D" technology was found in a number of its ICE-line cameras, including the company's newly launched vandal resistant domes called the ICED-VR domes.

As part of the integration of the two firms, Dedicated Micros will be adding its NetVu network connected IP camera technology into the IP cameras in the ICE line. Remaining high resolution cameras from Baxall's stock will continue to be sold as that technology development happens.

"This is an extremely important deal which significantly strengthens our CCTV Camera offering and -- more importantly for our customers -- allows us to supply a true end-to-end CCTV solution," said Nigel Petrie, Chairman of AD Group in a prepared statement announcing the acquisition. "We believe that the Baxall cameras, combined with the benefits of NetVu Connected seamless interoperability and deep integration inherent in all AD Group digital products, complete the most powerful CCTV range in the marketplace available from a single source."

The acquisition price was not disclosed, however, AD Group did note that it plans to retain some of Baxall's staff, especially those involved in camera development, and will be honoring warranties and continuing to issue the full warranty on Baxall equipment.